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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Google Analytics

Does anyone get obsessed by google analytics? As soon as I turn my computer on in the morning I first check my email and then look at analytics to see how many people have been to my site (haven't worked out how to link my blog up to it yet, so it's just looking at my shop).

It can be really interesting to see days where there are a lot of views and days where there are very few (or none :-S) and to try and figure out what you did differently those days to promote your shop well or not...

But it can also be a very good way to waste rather a lot of time wondering:

1) who the one person in the Netherlands is that found my shop

2) why the search 'hatastic' should have led two people to my shop

3) why I should care that 8 people who visited my shop in the last month used a dial up internet connection and 174 people used DSL

4) why apparently Firefox is the second most popular internet program after Internet Explorer

5) why over half the people who visit my shop stay there less than 10 seconds :-S oh dear!

Hehe ah well, it keeps me amused!

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