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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Help to Spread the Prettiness!

I'm looking for volunteers to take part in a bracelet walkabout...

I have this very pretty bracelet which sadly has been languishing at the bottom of a box for some time now. This is a very sad state of affairs as this bracelet's whole purpose in being was to be pretty and to sparkle on a wrist somewhere, and to soak up the admiration of everyone who saw it.

I feel it's time that this bracelet was given a chance to fulfil its purpose, but for this I need some help and that's where you come in...

Basically the idea is this: You get the bracelet for about a week, during which time you wear it somewhere nice and take a photo of it looking pretty and sparkly and generally doing what pretty things do best. Then send me the photo and a little write-up about where it has been that week and the prettiness that it has spread around, and I'll post it here so that we can all appreciate the prettiness.

Then I will send you the address of the next person in the list and you can post the bracelet onto them, and the cycle continues...

If you are interested then send me an email, a folksy message, or leave a comment here, and I will work out an order :)

Help to spread the prettiness!


  1. I'll play! What a lovely idea! Not enough prettiness generally in the world for my liking!!


  2. It is a fun idea...I'll play too, I love pretty things, and bracelets!

  3. Cool, thanks guys! I will be in touch :) xxx

  4. I'll do it, it sounds like fun!
    Great idea!