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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Folksy Favourites :)

I've been off searching Folksy again, not that it takes much searching to find some amazing things!

One shop that I stumbled across this week is OhGosh!, and oh gosh what a gorgeous shop it is (expecially for this self confessed bag addict!). This stunning green leather purse is just one example of one of the many items I love in this shop, but I could go on forever; why buy a mass produced bag or purse when you can get a unique item so stunningly handmade?
Going along a totally different vein now, I spent a lot of time this week browsing noodlebubble. I love the brooches and buttons, and the bright colours always lift my mood. One thing I especially love is these giant buttons; measuring an amazing 50 mm across, I have hundreds of great ideas for them - from scarves to hats to cardigans, oh boy you could have a lot of fun with these!
My final choice this week comes from Cherryloco. I was having a bit of a down day, and browsing online for some retail therapy when I stumbled across these earrings. Who could fail to be cheered up by the happy smile and the thought of blue skies and white fluffy clouds? The workmanship in all the products is amazing, definitely worth taking a look.
I hope you like these picks, I'll be back with more next week!

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  1. The leather purse is great - brilliant colours - off to look at the shop now. x