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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cake Making!

I had so much fun at the weekend. It was my fiance's birthday last week and we were having a party on Saturday night. I love making and decorating cakes so I said I'd make one for him. The only question was... how to decorate it?

Over the last few months his housemate has been getting him into the XBox (specifically Call of Duty - you know, the bloke-type game involving running around and shooting people) and it's been a bit of a standing joke, so I decided to make him a relevant cake. So here it is...

... the XBox controller birthday cake!!! :D It went down very well - caused a lot of amusement!


  1. Love the cake! My sixteen year old is addicted to Call of Duty. We've had lots of 'chats' about it apparently it is increasing his reaction speed - I'm still not convinced!!

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