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Friday, 29 January 2010

Project Linus

If you sew or knit and would like to be part of an amazing charity, then check out Project Linus. It's a totally voluntary organisation that provides comfort quilts and blankets to traumatised babies, childrens and teenagers.

For children in tough times, whether through illness, a tough family life or any other reason, something as simple as a handmade blanket or quilt can mean so much. It's an indication that there is someone out there who loves, someone who cares, someone who is thinking of them. A blanket is something they can take with them, it is something they can curl up in, it is a source of comfort and a way to lift their spirits.

Since 2000, nearly 110,000 quilts have been donated and have brightened the lives of children across the UK.

In their own words:

"Give someone a hug today.

There isn't enough love in the world."

These were the poignant but inspiring words of the mother of murdered teenager Jimmy Mizen.

We cannot reach out to every distressed child but we can help to provide them with tangible evidence that someone cares, along with the physical reassurance that comes with being snuggled up in a quilt and the lift to the spirit from the bright colours and cheerful patterns sewn into it.

So if you sew or knit, and would like to give a wonderful gift to a child in need, please check out their website for information on how to get involved and how to contact your local representative.

(Photo from the Project Linus UK website)

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